Orchestras for All: ‘Modulo’

Modulo groups at Cecil Sharp House, Camden

This month Alice and Katie visited the Orchestras for All London and Manchester ensemble meets to learn about the benefits both students and teachers experience from the ‘Modulo’ project.

The programme is designed to support teachers to establish or develop a small ensemble – a Modulo – of between 4 – 10 young people aged 11-18. Players can be of any instrument skill level or experience and everyone comes together twice a year to rehearse for some performances. Katie and Alice spoke to 10 teachers and 8 pupils about their experiences of the programme, here are a few snippets:

“Orchestras for All make our job as music teachers really easy and the performance deadlines keep the ensemble going – it’s great!”

“Being part of the big ensemble makes you feel the music more and hear how each part makes up the whole.” (student)

“The modulo teachers are so friendly, and the conductor is great – she gets things done quicker [than in our school rehearsals], it’s really well organised.” (student)

We couldn’t believe the quality of the music, especially considering the instrument groups are not your traditional mix and students had been playing their instruments for less than a year! Listen to the Modulo rehearsal and Facebook livestream here.