SMPC conference in New York

In August, I travelled to the US for the Society for Music Perception and Cognition (SMPC) conference at New York University.

The conference featured lots of the latest research happening around the world in music cognition and perception. 
I won a Sempre conference grant to attend the conference as well as to learn more about the research of ‘Learning Lab‘ in Oregon.

Learning Lab have been using LENA audio software to analyse the home music and language environment of over 100 infants in the US. Jenny Mendoza, a lead researcher on the project, presented some fascinating preliminary data on music in everyday infancy. After the conference, I met with Jenny to learn more about the work happening in their lab and discuss a possible collaboration. 

I was also very happy to see colleague Beatriz Ilari, who is a music research colleague based at the Thornton School of Music, University of Southern California.

Beatriz presented some of her most recent research: parents’ views of their children’s participation in music programmes, which links to a longitudinal study Beatriz and colleagues are doing in collaboration with the LA Philharmonic orchestra. 

Beatriz and Alice outside NYU

Katie and I are currently co-authoring a paper with Beatriz on a joint study that looked at executive function and prosocial skills in pre-schoolers. This paper will be published in Spring 2020.