British Psychological Society, CogDev 2019 Conference

Music and Cognition at CogDev 2019

Katie attended The BPS Cognitive Psychology Section and Developmental Psychology Section joint conference in Stoke on Trent, 4-6 September 2019. 

The conference hosted Psychologists from all over the UK presenting their work in cognitive and developmental psychology, covering a wide variety of topics from executive functioning, attention, language and literacy, to the development of social and emotional wellbeing. 

Katie also presented work from her PhD looking at executive function in deaf children

Katie presented our work looking at how task presentation can impact children’s performance on an inhibition task. We found that when a peg tapping task is presented with predicable timings (as opposed to unpredictable), children do better on the task. This has important implications for the way in which researchers and other practitioners use certain tests to assess ability – and it generated a lot of interest, conversation and positive feedback from conference attendees.  

We will be publishing our findings on this study soon, so watch this space!