Musical Chairs 2019!

On Saturday 16th November 2019 Katie took part in Orchestras for All’s “Musical Chairs” event, helping to raise money for the organisation. People signed up to be members of a very special orchestra, with all the players playing instruments that were completely new to them. After a few weeks of practice, Katie managed to get some notes out of the saxophone (her first instrument is the flute), and joined others in the wind section. Guided by some of the members of the National Orchestra for All, the orchestra performed a selection of pieces from this season’s repertoire, including Verdi’s Anvil Chorus and a rousing Ghanaian song A Keelie Makolay.

Katie joins the saxophone section for Musical Chairs 2019

A great day was had by all, and the event raised £21,400 for dedicated young musicians leading complex lives. We will definitely be signing up again next year… maybe trying the cello next time! Thank you for a wonderful day Orchestras for All!