We help Arts organisations to successfully evaluate their impact.

We set out to:

  1. Provide independent evaluation
  2. Provide or support impact and outcomes measurement
  3. Improve data collection methods and assessment

We’ll help organisations understand and communicate their impact by:

  • Support organisations to collect and use evidence to enable them to understand and increase their impact
  • Work with organisations to understand more about their programmes
  • Analyse how effectively a programme is working, so that we can help organisations make informed decisions about changing processes or approaches
  • Consult current clients to help us understand how to support them more effectively
  • Build and share our own knowledge, to support policy and learning across the sectors we work with

Our approach is underpinned by five key principles:

  • Building a tailored approach to our processes and relationships
  • Helping organisations to access evidence that is as useful as possible
  • Working to strengthen organisations by using evidence effectively to improve their work
  • Clear communication that is supported by effective technology
  • Collaborative learning