About Us

Kathryn Mason, Co-Founder 

Katie is a developmental psychologist, researcher and musician with over 12 years experience in developmental, cognitive and educational research. Her main research areas include the development of language and cognitive skills in deaf and hearing children, and the design and impact of school-based interventions.

She is especially interested in how children acquire languagethinking and problem solving skills (known as executive functions), and the underlying mechanisms that make some activities particularly effective in supporting these areas of children’s development.

Katie completed her doctorate in Psychology at University College London in 2017, where she designed and evaluated the effect of a music-based intervention on deaf children’s executive function skills. She has always been driven to explore the potential for music training to grow and reinforce key cognitive skills, and is dedicated to conducting research with a collaborative grassroots approach, working with Deaf and hearing teachers, musicians, artists, other practitioners and young people.

You can read more about Katie’s work here: http://www.kathryncmason.com

Alice Bowmer, Co-Founder

Alice is a musician, violin teacher and researcher who began teaching early music classes with children aged 6 months – 6 years, in 2008. Today, Alice works independently with her practice of thirty violin students aged between 6 – 18 years, forming long-term relationships with both students and their parents.

Alice’s research evolved from a desire to understand more about how her students were learning, both musically and in other aspects of their development (motor function, language and cognition). Her experience suggests that careful attention to all of these elements is highly effective when helping children to learn new skills.

Alice’s current research looks at how music and arts trainingcan impact upon early cognitive, language and motor development. She is also particularly interested in how group synchronisation may support attentional mechanisms and therefore the possibility for perception.

Our Collaborators 

Tiziana Pozzo

Tiziana is really passionate about music education and therapy. After her piano degree at the Venice Conservatoire, she decided to specialise in early years music and music therapy. She has collaborated with educational institutions (from nurseries to universities) on music and music therapy projects in Italy, Spain and the UK for many years. Since 2013, she has held workshops and CPD courses about body percussion and circle singing for teachers and educators. In 2016 she began working with Creative Futures and University College London on various research projects, and in 2018 she co-founded the music school ‘Highbury Park Music’ in north London. 

The UCL Institute of Education is ranked first in the world for education in the QS World University Rankings, and has been so every year since 2014. It is the largest education research body in the United Kingdom, with over 700 research students in the doctoral school.

Creative Futures is a charity with a proven track record of delivering fun and inspiring music and arts projects that children from all backgrounds can take part in. They boost young people’s learning, build self-esteem and bring together families who feel isolated in their communities.

Orchestras for All‘s mission is to unlock access to the life-changing experience of ensemble music-making for 11-18 years olds with complex lives.